RCT Sub Contractors

Relevant Contracts Tax concerns to payments made by a main contractor to a subcontractor under a related contract. It applies to both resident and non-resident contractors working in the construction and various processing industry. The Acentax Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) team can offer support with consultative services as well as agreement issues from both a principal and contractor outlook which includes dealing with Revenue audits. Acentax will also focus on adding value to our clients in a practical and cost-efficient manner. Our RCT services include the following:

1. To provide training and compliance manuals on the practical operation to go with your business needs.
2. Advising on the RCT implications of property transactions.
3. Support with RCT compliance; input contract notifications, payment notifications and review deductions summaries.
4. Application to Revenue for the 0% rate of RCT for subcontractors.
5. Performing payable diligence reports.